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MH Chinese Transaltion - NAATI Certified

Passion for Languages

My name is Minghan. I have a deep love for languages and strong passion for translation.  I love reading. Reading enriches my vocabulary and enables me to develop language sense. It also gives me a new perspective on how to choose specific words during translation to convey the same tone or intent as it originally did. For me, each translation is like a fascinating puzzle to solve. Working with two languages as different as English and Chinese, I am lucky to be able to research terminology and concepts in depth and develop source and target language competencies.

Education Foundation

MH Chinese Transaltion - NAATI Certified

I was born in China and graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from Southwest China Normal University. I was a qualified Chinese teacher and passionate about sharing my language/literature knowledge with students.


I have lived in Australia since 2014. I practiced my translation skills in the University of Queensland in which I received training in the areas of medical, legal, migration, marketing and personal documents translation and interpreting. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills I acquired from the academic environment make my minds open and alert.


After gradating from the University of Queensland with the graduate diploma in Chinese Translation and Interpreting, I continued my studies toward a Master degree in Social Work, which afforded me a well-rounded skillset including communication skills, psychological skills and advanced knowledge in Australian cultures and laws. I realized that knowledge of socio-cultural and historical backgrounds should be respected when carrying out any translation project. Therefore I always keep in mind my target audience and cultural and linguistic differences within Chinese/English Languages.

MH Chinese Transaltion - NAATI Certified

Work Experience

In 2014, I was awarded official accreditation here in Australia by NAATI and became a certified Chinese <> English translator and interpreter.

Now I have been working as a freelance translator with several law firms, migration agents and leading translation agencies in Australia for 9 years. I regularly translate for the Australian Federal Police, the Department of Transport, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) , the Department of Home Affairs, and many other trusted authorities.


My vast experience in both large and small translation projects, from complex legal translation to personal documents translation such as birth certificates or driver licences, makes me a reliable professional for official Chinese–English NAATI translations in all areas.


As a highly experienced NAATI translator with 9 years of experience. I know the specific requirements of different departments for translating documents in Australia. I am able to translate documents throughout a wide range of specialties and work under tight deadlines. 

With extremely high attention to detail, strict confidentiality in dealing with documents and strong organizational and time management skills, I have also been contracted by other leading translation agencies as an advanced proofreader/revisor.

MH Chinese Transaltion - NAATI Certified

Minghan is a NAATI certified translator and interpreter and her practitioner number is CPN5JJ35Z. To verify the credential, please visit NAATI website: NAATI - home - NAATI.


Minghan has been involved with the Australian professional association for translators and interpreters: since 2016 and all her services are in accordance with the AUSIT Best Practices.


If you require any additional information to assist in your decision, please feel free to email Minghan ( Minghan will reply your enquiries within minutes! 

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