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1. What is NAATI?


NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. It aims to maintain high national standards in translating and interpreting professions by issuing the NAATI accreditation to the industry practitioners. Only a NAATI accredited translator is able to issue NAATI certified translations.


More information, visit NAATI website:

2. What is a NAATI translator?


A NAATI Translator is a translator who has been certified by NAATI as being competent in English and another language, to translate between the two languages. To verify the translator's credential, please visit NAATI website: NAATI - home - NAATI.

3. Do the Australian government bodies recognise your translations?


Yes, a NAATI certified translation ensures you receive a high-quality translation that is recognised by most of the government bodies and other authorities such as:

  • Department of Home Affairs

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • State Registries of Births, Deaths, and Marriages

  • Passport Office

  • Citizenship Office

  • Road and Traffic Authorities (except NSW)

  • Courts of Law

MH Translation

4. Where do you provide translation service?

We provide translation services Australia-wide.


5. What time does your service open?

Monday to Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm (UTC+10:00).


6. Do you have a walk-in office?


No, our service is web- and email-based, which allows us to provide high quality services much more quickly and affordably.

7. How do I submit my documents to you?


You can send original documents by scanning or taking photos of them to my email address (

Please note that a clear copy of your document(s) is needed for the quality of translation.


8. How do I get a hard copy of my certified translation?


You can choose between regular or express postage during payment. For regular letters, it will take 3-6 business days after posting depending on lodgement & destination locations. For express post, it will take 1-2 business days after posting to arrive. For more information please click here.

9. Will I see the translation before you post it?


Yes, we will send you an electronic version (PDF copy) by email first. You can check the translation to ensure that everything is correct. We will not post the originals until we confirm your approval of the translation.

10. How many days does it take to translate my documents?


Our clients will receive their translated standard documents less than a day via soft copy (email) with the translator's stamp and signature. We can also send hard copies of translations to our clients upon request.

 For non-standard documents, time will vary depending upon the difficulty level of the original material. Click here to easily get in touch and send us the original documents. We will let you know the estimated delivery time within 15–30 minutes during opening hours.

11. How about my translation is urgent?


If your translation is urgent, for standard documents, we can do it within 12 hours for a 25% surcharge. Let us know your deadline, we can try our best to work it out.

12. How much does the document translation service cost?

We are offering the BEST rates for NAATI certified translation of a range of standard documents. For the non-standard documents the quickest way of getting a fixed and official quote to proceed is contacting us now. Costs vary depending on legibility, language and volume of documents required for translation.


13. Can I use the translation provided for an Australian visa application?


Yes, we guarantee acceptance of the translation by the Department of Home Affairs, but you must check for yourself whether you need paper originals.

14. Can I use your translation to drive/rent a car in Australia?


Yes, but you must check for yourself whether you need paper originals. For more information about different Australia States regulations, please click here.

15. Do I need an original?


You will need to check with the authority you are submitting your documents to for the specific requirements. Some only need an electronic copy, while some will require an original/paper copy. The electronic copy is valid, certified, and will have a signed stamp, but the original will have a fresh stamp and signature.

16. Can you notarise the translation also?


No, we only provide certified translations. If the authority you are dealing with also wants a certified copy of your original document, then you will need to get this done by a Justice of the Peace (JP).

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