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Marriage Certificate Translation for Divorce Proceedings in Australia

As part of the divorce proceedings in Australia, the Family Court needs to have evidence when and how the marriage was entered into. If you are lodging your document in any Family Courts in Australia, they may ask to see the affidavit translation of marriage certificate.

If a marriage certificate is not in English it must be translated. The person who translates the certificate must complete an Affidavit Translation of Marriage Certificate and:

  • attach a copy of the marriage certificate

  • attach the translation of the marriage certificate

  • set out their qualifications to make the translation.

The Affidavit must be sworn or affirmed before a Justice of the Peace or a Lawyer.

The Affidavit Translation of Marriage Certificate must be filed at the same time as the Application for Divorce.

Sample: [Affidavit: Translation of Marriage Certificate]



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